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SparkSwitch PowerBox Systems

is a reliable high-performance ignition switch for Air.en radial engines

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Manufacturer: PowerBox Systems
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  • ...is a reliable high-performance ignition switch. The entire design of the Spark Switch has deliberately been kept simple, whilst retaining all the important functions. The ignition switch is ready for use as supplied, and reuires no set-up procedure. All you have to do is set up your radio control transmitter for use with the switch.

    All types of ignition battery can be used: NC, LiPo or LiFe. Regardless of battery, the integral regulator always limits the voltage to 7.4 Volt.

    The external LED must be installed in a position where the pilot can clearly see it all the time when starting the engine.

    The ignition battery can be left connected to the SparkSwitch permanently. When switched off, the unit draws such a low current (only 0.2 µA!) that it will not discharge the battery - even over a period of months or years.


    Technical Data:

    • Input voltage: 4,0 to 9,0 Volt

    • Regulated Output voltage: 7,4 Volt

    • Max. output current:
      2 A, peak 4,5 A - power input:
      current drain at receiver: 2 mA
      current drain at switch side, power-on: 19 mA
      current drain at switch side, power-off: 0,2 µA

    • temperature range: -30°C to +65°C

    • Weight: 22 g (patch cable incl.)


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