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HS high performance valve springs for MOKI radial engines

valve springs made of high strength rust free stainless steel, progressively and warm formed

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Manufacturer: Heilemann-Sternmotoren
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  • Valve springs are highly stressed elements that pass through several million cycles.

    High stress requires absolute reliability !
    A slight rust film leads to cracking and therefore to the spring’s breakage.

    When a valve spring breaks, it usually results in the death of the engine and maybe the crash of the modell.

    Adapted to MOKI S 150, 180, 215, 250 and 250 /7. 

    Features and advantages of our HS high performance valve springs:

    • maximum quality for highest stress

    • individually and crack tested high performance valve springs

    • valve springs made of high strength rust free stainless steel

    • progressively and warm formed

    • additional surface protection through powder coating in red

    • We specially developed valve springs for MOKI in cooperation with our German spring manufacturer.

    • Spring disc made of high strength aluminium, custom-fit for symmetrical force transmission


    Technical data:

    • Outer Ø approx. 9 mm

    • Inner Ø approx. 6,7 mm

    • Length approx. 19 mm


    Included in Delivery:

    • 10 or 14 valve springs made of stainless steel, powder coated in red

    • 10 or 14 spring discs made of high strength aluminium

    • 20 or 28 locking clips

    • 5 spare locking clips

    • with mounting tool

    • with mounting operation


    Delivery time:

    from stock !

    On request, we will be happy to install it for your - add. price € 60,- + VAT + packing/postage "MOKI" - please contact us !


    Valve springs:

    Cam disc - plungers - push rods - rocker arms are elements of the valve drive.

    The valve drive in radial engines controls the gas and load change according to the stroke and piston principle.

    The rotation of the cam disc is converted into a lengthwise movement with the valve's plungers - push rods - rocker arms.

    The valve spring's function is to ensure a mechanical connection between the valve and the cam disc over the whole speed range.

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