Feinmechanik in Perfektion - handmade in Germany
  • 180ccm SM
  • 350ccm SM
  • 700ccm SM
  • 1. Generation | 9-Zylinder 180 ccm
  • 2. Generation | 9-Zylinder 350 ccm
  • 3. Generation | 18-Zylinder Doppelstern 700 ccm

Heilemann Videos EN

Enjoy small range of interesting Videos around our Hobby.

Test run 18-cylinder double row radial engine with gear box

Test flight Air.en 7-Cylinder 150 ccm

Flying Legends 2015, Duxford

5th Radial Engine Meeting 2015

Test run 18-Cylinder Double Row Radial Engine

Radial engine mockup - training and instruction for pilots

4. radial engine meeting 2013

2. radial engine meeting 2010

1. radial engine meeting 2009

Days of Thunder 2013

Airshow Hausen a. Albis, Schwitzerland 2009

Airshow Hofheim-Lampertheim 2009

Boeing Stearman PT17, Testsaison Seidel ST 7-250

18-Cylinder Double Row Radial Engine 700 ccm, Test E-Starter

Airshow St. Leon-Rot 2008

Seidel UMS ST 7-250B

Axalp 2009, Switzerland

SeidelProps "Milling Propeller"

SeidelProps "Test run MOKI S 250"

Valach VM-R5-420

Press Conference Faszination MODELLTECH

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