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StarGlow II for 3-Cylinder

Hölzl glow plug regulator for 3-cylinder radial engine

Price: 195,00 €
Sales price without tax: 163,87 €
VAT (19%)31,13 €

Manufacturer: Heilemann-Sternmotoren
Units in box: 1


  • Link to our Gallery - StarGlow II for 3-Cylinder with Saito FA 120 R3 in model air plane Robbe Pander



    • redesigned board with SMD parts and microcontroller (high resistant for vibration)

    • double boards with double-sided mounting (compact construction)

    • integrated pulse amplifier (Receiver amplifier)

    • low electricity intake because of clocked system

    • glow current functioning by control modules (for each glow plug a separate poti)

    • integrated  voltage control of accu

    • no damage by overvoltage - when one glow plug fails, the other glow plugs are not influenced

    • LED-display at regulator, direct LED-Display of the glow plug's functioning

    • LED-diplay with bright diodes (blue)

    • integrate test output plug - for continouous Operation without remote control (e.g. test-station)

    • including on/off installed

    • including multiplex battery adapter cable installed (produced at PowerBox Systems)

    • including positive cable with screws and discs, gold plug

    • Receiver connecting cable: Graupner/JR servo cable with gold contacts (VOGEL-BLUE-LINE-SILICON)


    Glow Battery:

    The glow battery should have a voltage of

    • 7,4 V (2x LiPo-cells) or

    • 7,2 V (6x NiXX-cells) 


    The capacity should be chosen according to the number of glow plugs. 

    For 30 minutes of constant glowing the following applies approximately:

    • 3 glow plugs -> 1200 mAh

    • 5 glow plugs -> 1800 mAh

    • 7 glow plugs -> 2400 mAh

    • 9 glow plugs -> 3000 mAh




    • easy programming (external LED to display the programming functioning)

    • main functions are programmable by remote control


    Technical Datas:

    • Dimension: 68 x 46 x 25 mm

    • Weight 90 g


    Scope of delivery:

    • Glow plug regulator

    • Multiplex battery Adapter cable

    • On/off switch

    • Positive cable to engine incl. screws and discs

    • four fastening screws

    • Screwdriver PH00 (to adjust the Poti)




     User Manual


    Delivery: please contact us (in production)

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Important VAT Info for EU

Our online shop show all prices with 19 % VAT.

After we've received your order you will get a reviced order confirmation of VAT according to country of delivery.

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