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HS Carbon Valve Push Rod for MOKI radial engines

Reduced mass push rods

Price: 285,00 €
Sales price without tax: 239,50 €
VAT (19%)45,50 €


Manufacturer: Heilemann-Sternmotoren
Units in box: 1


  • We are using a tour 9-cylinder radial engine valve push rods made out of high strength carbon tubes with a ball / pan System. These push rods are functioning very well.

    We make our push rods with Special care in 9 individual steps, using the best materials possible.


    The summarized Advantages and Features are:

    • The balls consist of Chrome Vanadium steel type without wear.

    • Minimized Transmission loss because of the optimized knuckle Joint of the ball / pan system

    • 50 % less weight because of the light but high strength carbon tubes. 50 % less moving mass in asking for 50 % less energy effort. That makes it significantly easier for the valve steering System.

    • There is less friction at the cam disk. The adjusted valve clearance remains consistent.

    • Higher Rotation Speed will be possible at the regularly valve Timing.

    • The carbon tube is light and generates no own momentum.

    • At the same time it absorbs vibrations. I have never lost a push rod.


    Included as Standard:

    • adjusting screws and nuts

    • HS Valve Adjust Gauge

    • Push Rod Grease

    • fork wrench 5,5


    Delivery time:

    • on stock

    • Please note two different length are available as MOKI S 250 !

    • On request, we will be happy to install it for your - add. price € 60,- (for installation and valve adjust) + VAT + packing/postage "MOKI" - please contact us !

    • Special Length upon demand ! Please feel free to contact us !


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