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  • 180ccm SM
  • 350ccm SM
  • 700ccm SM
  • 1. Generation | 9-Zylinder 180 ccm
  • 2. Generation | 9-Zylinder 350 ccm
  • 3. Generation | 18-Zylinder Doppelstern 700 ccm

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2-Blade-Propeller for MOKI S250 and S250/7

very quiet with high efficiency

Price: 90,90 €
Sales price without tax: 76,39 €
VAT (19%)14,51 €

hole pattern:


Manufacturer: SEP-Propeller
Units in box: 1


  • very quiet Propeller with high efficiency, especially tuned for 4-stroke engines.

    Width blade geometry, optimized pitch laps.



    • beech painted (see picture 1)

    • beech black painted (see picture 2)

    • multi-layer (see picture 3)

    • Power (see picture 4)
    • Wilga black (see picture 5)

    • Wilga silver (see picture 6)

    • Hamilton design black painted (see picture 7)


    • hub bore hole 10 mm

    • balanced


    Service Heilemann Sternmotoren:

    All Propeller delivered from us are with hub bore hole re-reamed. Hub bore hole expand by painting.



    Please note additional cost at different Version !



    > GFK Propeller disc, Scale Spinner Set, Labels, Screws etc. (Propeller Accessory)


    Delivery time:

    approx. 7 days !

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Important VAT Info for EU

Our online shop show all prices with 19 % VAT.

After we've received your order you will get a reviced order confirmation of VAT according to country of delivery.

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