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Digital Ignition with ignition switch addapted for MOKI S 180

rainbow-tronic Digital Ignition System DIS 5*-M with ignition switch DZS_2
Selling price:470,59 €
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Selling price without VAT:470,59 €

DIS 5* is a digital, microprocessor controlled ignition with the well-known CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) procedure, that was adapted for the MOKI S 150/180 5-cylinder radial four-stroke engine.

The battery voltage is transformed internally to a high voltage, that is stored in a capacitor. At ignition time it is discharged and induced. Now there is a high voltage of approx. 25.000 Volt in the ignition coil for the ignition plug.

This guarantees a clean,k quiet and prcise engine run over the whole rpm range.


  • NEW:  with HS vibration damper (mounted)
  • NEW:  with cable marking (1 - 5)
  • NEW:  with telemetry output for speed
  • Power supply over 3S LiPo or Li-Ion Cells (10,8 - 11,1 V)
  • Status LED
  • Undervoltage detection for the battery
  • Speed limiter - switch-off at 6.000 rpm.
  • Automated calculation of ignition time
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Safety switch-off (after approx. 30 sec without impulse)
  • Weight: approx. 565 g


Included in delivery:

  • Ignition electronic

  • Ignition box

  • Plug'n play hall sensor

  • Digital ignition switch DZS_2, optically separated (for 11,1 V nominal voltage)

  • vibration damper mounted (screws incl.)

  • silicone black for sealing the sensor cable

  • Detailed manual (German/English)


Delivery time:

approx. 1 - 2 weeks !

On request, we gladly take care of the installation for you. Included is also a disassembly of the old ignition and a test run - We would be happy to submit an offer - don't hesitate to contact us! 

Units in box: 1