Feinmechanik in Perfektion - handmade in Germany
  • 180ccm SM
  • 350ccm SM
  • 700ccm SM
  • 1. Generation | 9-Zylinder 180 ccm
  • 2. Generation | 9-Zylinder 350 ccm
  • 3. Generation | 18-Zylinder Doppelstern 700 ccm


to Heilemann Radial Engines . Thank you for visiting our homepage.

On our website, you will find information, construction reports and pictures of our new 350 ccm 9 cylinder radial engine.

In the gallery, there are photos of the engine, which is built in my Boeing Stearman PT17 by Balsa USA on a scale of 1:3 that was already tested for flying ability.

Short information about the content of the menu sections:
About us

learn about our ideas, thoughts and our mainspring for radial engine construction


check out hints and advices to ensure an always well-kept radial engine


find out about some of my ideas for the future as well as two cooperative projects with Peter Haag and Simon Hess


enjoy pictures of the engine, during the flight in the Stearman as well as photos of the flight day


watch various Videos


find out operating Manuals, interesting reports and news


here you will find radial engines and innovative accessories

Kind regards

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