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HS Conversion Digital Ignition System with newly installed magnetic ring for Air.en 150 engine

DIS 7* Multi-Spark rainbow-tronic digital, microprocessor controlled ignition

Manufacturer: rainbow-tronic
Units in box: 1


  • DIS 7* Multi-Spark rainbow-tronic is a digital, microprocessor controlled ignition with the well-known CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) procedure, that wa adapted fo the 7-cylinder Ar.en 150 radial engine.

    The battery voltage is transformed internally to a hight voltage, that is stored in a capacitor. At ignition time it is discharged and induce a hight voltage of approx. 25.000 Volt into the ignition plug.

    This guarantees a clean, quiet and precise engine run over the whole rpm range.


    • Power supply over 3S LiPo or Li-Ion cells (10,8 - 11,1 V)
    • Thermically decoupled ignition coils for maximum reliability
    • Cylinder selective full ignition performance over the whole rpm range
    • Multi-spark function for a better start behavior and safe idle run
    • Status LED
    • Undervoltage detection for the battery
    • Speed limiter - switch-off at 5.600 rpm
    • Qutomated calculation of ignition time
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • HQ-plug connector
    • Safety switch-off (after approx. 30 sec without impulse)


    Included in package:

    • Ignition electronic

    • Ignition box

    • Hall sensor

    • Magnetic ring, incl. magnet
    • Digital ignition switch DZS_2, optically separated (for 11,1 V nominal voltage)

    • Detailed manual (German/English)

    • Disassembly of old magnetic ring, assembly of new magnetic ring

    • Test run


    Delivery time:

    By arrangement - We would be happy to submit an offer - don't hesitate to contact us ! 

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