Feinmechanik in Perfektion - handmade in Germany
  • 180ccm SM
  • 350ccm SM
  • 700ccm SM
  • 1. Generation | 9-Zylinder 180 ccm
  • 2. Generation | 9-Zylinder 350 ccm
  • 3. Generation | 18-Zylinder Doppelstern 700 ccm

An Idea

An 18-cylinder double-row radial engine with 700 ccm

We have been flying our 9-cylinder radial engine with 350 ccm in our Boeing Stearman PT17 since 2007. The engine is completely matured and runs very reliably in harsh everyday use.

Mario Seidel from Seidel Props finally encouraged us to approach the project “18 cylinder double-row radial engine” with 700 ccm – on the basis of our 9-cylinder radial engine. He had the idea of a four-bladed variable pitch propeller, for which he needed an engine with transmission. No test object is more suitable than our 18-cylinder double-row radial engine.

This report is divided into several construction progress steps you can select in our timeline or in the right menu.

  • The first drafts of this project develop.

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  • Assembling the crank case.

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  • Completing the cylinder heads.

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  • Piston, connecting rods, rings and bolts.

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  • Merging cylinder modules and transmission modules.

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  • Assembling the exhaust system.

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  • Finishing exhausts and manifolds.

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  • Extension of the three carburetors.

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  • Wiring glow plug regulator and final assembly.

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